Hello from Copenhagen 🙂


Like coffee? Pretty buildings? Gluten free pastries? This city has it all, and I’d love to share them with you. Follow along here as I eat, paint, and explore my way around Copenhagen, my home for the semester, and beyond.


After warming up in Seville for the first few days of my study break, my boyfriend and I headed to France. It had been a while since I had practiced any French, but I did successfully get us out of the airport to the train, so I think all those years of French class finally…

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For our week long study break, I packed up the few short-sleeve tops I brought with me and headed south. My boyfriend is studying abroad in Seville, Spain this semester, so I went to visit him there for 6 days. I had never been to Spain before, but its beautiful cathedrals, gardens, and sunny little…

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Living in a Residential Community

I chose to live in a Residential Community for my housing option at DIS, and it has been one of the best parts of my experience here so far. Living in a Residential Community means that I live in apartment-style housing with other DIS students from schools in the U.S. There are residential communities in…

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Day Trip to Møns Klint

You might not think that you can find steep white cliffs and blue water in Denmark, but you can! And they’re just a two hour drive from Copenhagen! Looking to explore outside of the city, three friends and I headed to Møns Klint, or the cliffs of Møns. We rented a car for the day…

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Short Study Tour: Jutland & Aarhus

This week everyone went on a short study tour with their core course within Denmark or a neighboring country for a few days. My section of Globalization and European Economies headed to Jutland and Aarhus, a city to the northwest of Copenhagen, for a total of 3 days and 2 nights. After a slightly painful…

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A Walk Through Rosenborg

I got really into walking over quarantine, just like many other people looking for a way to get out of the house and escape online work/school. I realized how getting outside could totally turn my day and my mood around, especially when I spent so much time hunched over my laptop in my room. Making…

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A Day in Malmö

Yesterday, several of my flatmates and I decided to spend our Saturday in Malmö, Sweden. It’s just a 45 minute train ride away, so went to explore and get lunch. Where I’m from in Colorado it takes 45 minutes just to drive to the next county, so it was crazy how we made it into…

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Exploring the Neighborhood

I have spent the past few days catching up on sleep and getting to know the area around my flat, and I am loving living here already. Ten of us share an apartment located in beautiful Indre By, or ‘City Center’ close to Strøget, a long pedestrian mall with shops and restaurants. We are walking…

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Arrival & Move In Tips

I’m here in Copenhagen! Here’s a quick overview of how I got here over the past 24 hours with some tips for travel: Friday 8/19 at 8:55 PM EST: Boarded my flight at Boston Logan International Airport. I flew Icelandair and checked two bags, one huge one and one smaller one. TIP: Check safety regulations…

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About Me

I’m Annie, a junior at Wellesley College. I am from Denver, Colorado, and I have spent that last year there studying remotely, hiking, hanging out with my dog, and working at my local coffee shop. In my free time I love painting, working out, and, recently, watching Love Island. I am studying economics at Wellesley,…

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