About Me

I’m Annie, a junior at Wellesley College. I am from Denver, Colorado, and I have spent that last year there studying remotely, hiking, hanging out with my dog, and working at my local coffee shop. In my free time I love painting, working out, and, recently, watching Love Island.

I am studying economics at Wellesley, and I am very excited to be taking Globalization and European Economies as my core course at DIS this semester. One of the reasons econ interests me is because economies affect people and culture so much, so I am really looking forward to exploring that more through an international lens. I have learned lots from my fantastic professors at Wellesley, but I want to gain new perspective studying in Denmark. After so many months of joining class from my bed, I am so excited to live and study with people from all over the U.S. and the world. I will miss going to class in my pajamas, though.

Even though I will not miss Zoom, there were parts of this last year that I am really grateful for. Living at home again was challenging, especially when my mom, dad, little brother and I were all studying/working under the same roof. My kitchen witnessed many family arguments over whose turn it was to unload the dishwasher or walk the dog. My dad sometimes decided that the perfect time to blend up his morning smoothie was right when I had to unmute myself during class. However, we also started cooking together as a family. I have coffee with my mom each morning and do the New York Times mini crossword with my dad in the evenings. I perfected my banana bread recipe and got back into running. Best of all, my dog has really loved having everyone at home.

Rocky Mountain National Park // July

Don’t get me wrong, this pandemic has brought with it many challenges, cancellations, postponements, and frustrations. Like everyone else, I’m so happy that life is feeling more and more normal again. However, when the whole world was forced to slow down, I started to appreciate small things–my coffee, the crossword, banana bread.

This past year has taught me to find joy in little moments, and I want to bring that perspective with me abroad. Stopping to appreciate the people, places, and things around me, through journalling or painting, has become an important part of my life over the past year, and I would love to share that with others. I take my watercolors with me wherever I travel, and I can’t wait to break them out in Denmark. I am actually taking a watercolor class at DIS this semester as well that I am really looking forward to!

I’m writing this as a sit next to my half-packed suitcase, trying to decide which of my many beloved t shirts to leave at home, or else it’s not all going to fit. I’m nervous to move to another country, to make new friends, and that I’ll pack the wrong t shirts. I’ll be living in a DIS residential community, and I am both excited and nervous to meet so many new people. I know that the next week is going to be full of airport nerves, butterflies, and lots of double checking to make sure I have my passport. I’m prepared to be overwhelmed but also looking forward to discovering all of the people, places, and pastries in Copenhagen that I don’t even know I love yet.

I am going to miss walks with my dog and coffee with my mom that I have learned to love so much, but I am looking forward to all of the wonderful moments and memories I am going to make this semester. I want to share and document those moments here as I meet new friends, try new foods, and make Copenhagen home this fall. For now, I’m going to try and zip my suitcase shut.

See you soon 🙂


P.S. for more moments and photos, check out my vsco below!

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