Arrival & Move In Tips

I’m here in Copenhagen! Here’s a quick overview of how I got here over the past 24 hours with some tips for travel:

street view near my new home!

Friday 8/19 at 8:55 PM EST: Boarded my flight at Boston Logan International Airport. I flew Icelandair and checked two bags, one huge one and one smaller one.

TIP: Check safety regulations for your airline, destination country, and any countries you’re stopping in. Icelandair required me to get a rapid COVID test within 72 hours of flying and present it when checking in, so plan ahead.

Sometime In Between Friday Night and Saturday Morning: Made friends with my seat buddy on the plane, who was also headed to DIS Copenhagen! Tried my best to sleep.

TIP: Pack a neck pillow (or prepare for major neck pain) and a sweatshirt/sweater for your flight.

Saturday 8/20 at 6:40 AM GMT: Stopped in Reykjavik, Iceland for a layover and a latte. We also went through passport control here, where I presented my passport and explained that I am a student studying in Denmark for the semester

TIP: Keep passport accessible in your carry on because you’ll need to have it for security, boarding, and customs

Saturday 8/20 at 1:15 PM CEST: Landed in Copenhagen and waited for my bags with some other DIS students I met on my flight. Thankfully, all of our bags made the journey with us!

TIP: Make friends! My flight was full of other students headed to DIS Copenhagen, and we ended up exchanging numbers and hanging out.

Saturday 8/20 at 2:30 PM CEST: Picked up ID, SIM card, and other info from DIS and then took the bus that transported me to my residential housing, located in center city close to DIS.

TIP: Get a Danish SIM card for your phone. DIS gave us ours upon arrival, and it was easy to insert and buy a plan online for an affordable price. Now I have a Danish number and can use data here.

Saturday 8/20 at 3:00 PM CEST: Dragged my two suitcases down a cobblestone street and up three flights of stairs to my new home, a lovely apartment on a street called Skindergade.

Wear layers on travel day–the airplane was cold and Denmark is much cooler than where I came from, but I was sweating after hauling all of luggage up the stairs. Got my workout in for the day!

Saturday 8/20 at 6:30 PM CEST: After meeting my new roommate and nine other flatmates, we grabbed some dinner at a cafe across from our building. We sat outside and watched people pass through the little square where we were dining, which was much needed after a long day of travel.

Get an international credit card before leaving and make sure to activate it so you can use it as soon as you arrive. Also, bring snacks! Sticking a few protein bars in my carry on saved me while traveling.

Saturday 8/20 at 8:50 PM CEST: exhausted, I collapsed into my new bed and fell asleep thinking about how crazy it is that I’m finally here!

I started unpacking my things the next day after a much-needed night of sleep. Our room is spacious (and even has a skylight), and I have a beautiful view of the Round Tower, a tall building close to us. We have two twin beds, a table/desk we share, and a closet. I can’t wait to decorate the walls with art and photos once I’m a little less jet-lagged.

The next week will involve a lot of exploring, taking, pictures, and meeting new people, which will all be shared here. Until then, here is an outside photo of the windows of our apartment!

My Building from the Street

I am very tired but very excited to be in this beautiful city. More to follow–for now I’ll be catching up on sleep 🙂


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