Exploring the Neighborhood

street view near Strøget

I have spent the past few days catching up on sleep and getting to know the area around my flat, and I am loving living here already. Ten of us share an apartment located in beautiful Indre By, or ‘City Center’ close to Strøget, a long pedestrian mall with shops and restaurants. We are walking distance to DIS classes as well as tons of grocery stores, cafes, and stores. My flatmates and I have been exploring different food markets, parks, and shops together, and on the first day we took part in a DIS scavenger hunt in our neighborhood to see some sights. I know how to find my way to the grocery store now, but I’m definitely still working on my pronunciation of Danish street names.

Our first weekend, we walked around and explored some local shops and markets. We saw beautiful local berries, vegetables, and flowers for sale. Everyone is saying that we’ve had uncharacteristically good weather this week, which makes me a little nervous to find out what Danish weather is normally like. For now I’m enjoying the sunshine, which has been perfect for walking around and getting to know our new area. Most of these beautiful photos are courtesy of one of my lovely new flatmates and friends, Alice — check out more of her photos here: https://www.instagram.com/alicescookbook/?hl=en

seeing some sights

We also had the opportunity to take a guided tour around the city center where we learned about the history of historical buildings, monuments, and churches that are all right near where we live. Some highlights included visiting Christiansborg Palace, where the Danish Royalty’s beautiful horses live, and the house where Calsberg Brewery was started. Getting to know the area from our lovely local guide, Helle, was super helpful and fun.

my roommate and I at Nyhavn

Nyhavn (pronounced ‘new-houm’, much to my surprise) is a beautiful canal lined with colorful houses and is one of Copenhagen’s most famous and most photographed locations. It is about a 15 minute walk from where my flat is, so we went to check it out and take some pictures on one of our first nights. Although it’s usually pretty busy, it is definitely a must-see if you visit Copenhagen.

I noticed that I’ve been getting around 20k steps every day this past week just from getting to know the area, so that’s an added perk! Walking around beautiful parks and castles is way more fun than the treadmill 🙂 I’m loving getting to see all of the stunning sights in our neighborhood, and I still can’t believe I’m living here now!

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