A Walk Through Rosenborg

I got really into walking over quarantine, just like many other people looking for a way to get out of the house and escape online work/school. I realized how getting outside could totally turn my day and my mood around, especially when I spent so much time hunched over my laptop in my room. Making daily walks a habit turned out to be a part of quarantine that made me (and my apple watch) very happy. Since lockdown ended, I’ve kept walking as part of my routine. I like putting on a podcast or music when I need some time to myself or calling a friend while getting some fresh air and exercise.

Since being here, walking has been a great way to get to know Copenhagen, and one of my favorite places to go is Rosenborg Castle Gardens. Named for Rosenborg Castle located in the center, it’s full of statues, fountains, and little cafes. You can visit the castle itself, now a museum, which is carefully guarded by a group of geese and ducks that swim around the moat.

Walking down the tree lined paths, you’ll see people sitting on benches, kids playing in the gardens, and lots of sculptures of horses and royalty. You can admire the beautifully-trimmed hedges, visit the carp that swim in the moat, or visit the rose garden. You can even stop by Herkules Cafe for a latte in the gardens outside their coffee pavilion, which I will definitely be visiting to do some econ readings. There are always lots of people walking their dogs, so I’ve gotten to pet some super cute Copenhagen canine residents on my walks as well 🙂

I like to go in the mornings sometimes when I don’t have class, and my company is mostly runners, well-dressed Danes on their way to work, and lots of statues of horses and royalty. In the evenings, it’s full of people sitting in the grass eating, drinking wine, and playing games. Grabbing some friends and a bottle of wine to go watch the sunset in Rosenborg seems to be a favorite Copenhagen activity, and I’m all for it.

As much as I enjoyed my quarantine walks back home, my suburban neighborhood did not have castles and rose gardens. My walks are much cooler now, and I still can’t believe that this beautiful city is my home for the semester. There are many more walks in my future here 🙂

For more information on Rosenborg Castle Gardens: https://kongeligeslotte.dk/en/palaces-and-gardens/rosenborg-castle-and-the-kings-gardens.html

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