Day Trip to Møns Klint

You might not think that you can find steep white cliffs and blue water in Denmark, but you can! And they’re just a two hour drive from Copenhagen! Looking to explore outside of the city, three friends and I headed to Møns Klint, or the cliffs of Møns. We rented a car for the day (which was easy and affordable), packed some protein bars, and drove south. The drive was nice, and we passed through lots of cute towns and over scenic bridges along the way.

Once we got there, we checked out the Geocenter, where you can learn about all of the archeological history of Møns Klint (dinosaurs!) and buy some post cards or food from the cafe. We got a map and then headed outside to take on the long staircase that leads down to the bottom of the cliffs. The views were spectacular–we could see wind turbines and ships out in the distance and the dramatic white cliffs that met black pebble beaches below us. Once we reached the bottom we walked along the beach, but not for long because the tide was coming in and the water was not warm. Definitely not a beach to bring your swimsuit to. Maybe wear your rain boots instead.

the cliffs
looking up

After the journey back up the steps, which made me really wish I hadn’t done leg day the day before, we caught our breath and explored some of the other trails that go along the top of the cliffs through the forest. Paths, boardwalks, and steps weave through the trees with lots of great lookouts and spots to see some incredible views of the water. I really enjoyed getting some nature time, and walking through the woods was so peaceful.

This was such a fun day trip, especially if you’re looking for some fresh air, great views, and a little leg workout. It’s crazy to me how different this part of the country is from Copenhagen, and I really enjoyed getting outside the city. Copenhagen is beautiful and I can’t wait to get to know it better, but it has also been great to see some other landscapes! I had been missing some of my favorite hiking trails at home, so it felt really nice to get outside and explore, even though we do not have any cool cliffs or beaches like this in Colorado. More adventures to come 🙂 For more information on Møns Klint, check this out:

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