For our week long study break, I packed up the few short-sleeve tops I brought with me and headed south. My boyfriend is studying abroad in Seville, Spain this semester, so I went to visit him there for 6 days. I had never been to Spain before, but its beautiful cathedrals, gardens, and sunny little streets did not disappoint! Unfortunately my Spanish is very limited, so I was lucky to have someone to show me around, otherwise I would’ve been living off of café con leche, one of the few things I do know how to order. We spent the week sight-seeing and eating our way through the city, so I highlighted some of my favorite memories from this trip here.



The mushroom of Seville! Located in the center of Seville, Las Setas is like a big funky fungi-looking structure that you can walk around and see lit up at night.


The Cathedral of Seville is a stunning display of turrets and domes, and we could hear the bells ring from our little rental. We went inside, and the interior was even more stunning and filled with beautiful paintings and multiple altars. We got tickets and climbed the bell tower, and you can see the whole city from the top.


Just some cool sights from walking around the city 🙂 definitely got our steps in on this trip from wandering around all of the pretty little streets and plazas.


Best for last: the Alcazar was definitely my favorite place we visited in Spain! It is a walled royal palace full of endless hedges, fountains, and citrus trees. It is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the busy center city, which is crazy to experience. I especially enjoyed it as a Game of Thrones fan because it’s where one of the kingdoms, Dorne, is filmed. We spent the whole afternoon geeking out and wandering around.



Jamon, or ham as I quickly learned, is everywhere, shaved off huge ham bones hanging in every cafe and shop window into delicious little slices. We got tapas for lunch at Lonja del Barranco Market one day and got handed a cone of little salty jamon bits that we ate with our Spanish tortilla, which contrary to its name is like a crustless quiche made of potatoes and eggs.


I ate my weight in Paella on this trip, and I couldn’t get enough. One night we got different street foods (including seafood paella) at the Festival of Nations, which was happening while we were there. We got Thai, Indian, and Australian food, but I’m pretty sure the Spanish vendor was still the best. My boyfriend’s lovely host family also made me chicken paella with peppers and artichoke and other delicious veggies and spices, and I think I could have eaten the whole giant platter by myself. Definitely a trip highlight!


And now for dessert; I made sure to eat almost as much gelato as paella, including (but not limited to) this violet gelato that we got one hot afternoon. It tasted like flowers and I wanted more immediately!

Adios, Sevilla! Missing your paella already

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