Paris Study Tour Food Highlights

Here is the past week in food pictures from my Study Tour to Paris, where my Economics and Globalization Core Course spent five days. We learned lots about European Economics, but the food and coffee was so incredible that I thought it deserved a post to itself. Enjoy all of the French deliciousness 🙂


We had to stop by Ladurée for a little green box of Paris’s most famous macarons. A lot of the foods that Paris is famous for (croissants, baguettes) are sadly very glutenous. Luckily, macarons are made with almond flour, which I am very grateful for because they are to die for. We tried peanut, raspberry, coffee, salted caramel, chocolate raspberry, and chocolate hazelnut. I think chocolate raspberry was my favorite!

Cafe de Flore

I haven’t stopped thinking about the incredible hot chocolate I had when I visited Paris over our study break in October, so when we had some free time I headed straight to Saint Germain. It was as thick and life-changing as I remembered.

Montmarte Food Tour

During our food & wine tour of Montmartre, we got to try so much amazing cheese, wine, food, and chocolate in the beautiful historical neighborhood near Moulin Rouge. We walked around with the owner the Le Petit Moulin, who showed us local the boulangeries, fromageries, and patisseries where he sources some of his ingredients. Afterwards, we returned to his restaurant to try traditional french food and wine, which were beyond delicious. We topped off the afternoon with a trip down the street to a local chocolatier.

Fromage! We learned how the different shapes of cheese influences the taste and got to try a 3 year old Comté
Traditional French beef bourguignon at Le Petit Moulin
More cheese! Our multi-course meal was followed by a cheese plate in traditional french fashion
Topped off the tour with a visit to a chocolatier and macaron shop nearby

Coffee Break

Walking around and eating delicious food can get tiring, so you have to stop to caffeinate. My adventures this week were of course fueled by many café stops, so this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a few favorites.

The cafe attached to the famous Shakespeare & Company bookstore makes a great oat latte to wake you up after wandering around the store imagining you’re Gertrude Stein
Another picture of a coffee and my leg! In theme with my Hemingway tour of Paris, I had to stop for a coffee at Le Dome, where Hemingway writes about meeting painter Pascin in A Moveable Feast

Seine River Dinner Cruise

One night, our class got to go on a cruise down the Seine for dinner. We could see the Eiffel Tower all lit up out the boat window, and we had the most amazing salmon. Definitely a dinner I will not be forgetting!

20 Eiffel

We ended the study tour with a bang by visiting 20 Eiffel, a renowned restaurant aptly named for its picturesque location right near the Eiffel Tower. We had an incredible lunch which included roasted eggplant, the most amazing braised beef I have ever had, and hazelnut creme brûlée for dessert.

Now that I’m back at my flat heating up my frozen chicken for dinner, I’m really missing that braised beef and salmon on the Seine. Big thanks to DIS for all of the great eats this week, I’ll be thinking about that hazelnut creme brulée for years to come!

Check out my blog on all of the other things we did in between meals during my study tour here

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  1. Oh my gosh! Where did you get those cinnamon buns? We miss Scandi-style cinnamon buns and would love to find some on our next Paris trip. Looks like you had a wonderful time!


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