Favorite Painting Spots

My watercolors always come with me wherever I travel, so I was super excited about the opportunity to take watercolor class at DIS this semester. It has been one of my favorite classes so far and a great way to see different parts of Copenhagen. We often spend part of our Monday afternoon class visiting a location somewhere in the city to sketch and paint on site. I’ve been loving taking my sketchbook with me on class trips or when I explore on my own, so I am sharing my favorite spots that I’ve painted/sketched here.

See more of my art here

Copenhagen Botanic Gardens

Complete with a beautiful glass palm house and a butterfly garden, the Copenhagen Botanic Gardens were one of the first places we went for my watercolor class, and I went back several times after that (when the weather was still nice!) It’s a great place to sit, walk around, and people watch. I had fun painting leaves, flowers, and other botanicals as well as the pointy church spires in the distance poking up above the trees. Still one of my favorite places to go in Cope, even though it’s a lot colder now than it was when I took these pictures in September!

Rosenborg Gardens

One of my favorite places in Copenhagen to walk, run, hang out, do art, or have a picnic. My flat is located very close to Rosenborg, so I’ve spent a lot of time here this semester (check out my Walk Through Rosenborg blog here), and we went for class one time to paint on a sunny afternoon. I love the neat rows of squarely-trimmed trees, the ducks on the moat around Rosenborg Castle, and the colorful houses around the perimeter of the park.

Christiansborg Palace

At Christiansborg palace you can go in and visit all of the grand, royal rooms and tour the royal stables, or just sit and watch the royal horses train outside the palace, which is what I like to do. Once the center of power in Copenhagen, this beautiful palace is now used for the Queen’s official events and is a great spot to walk around and admire the beautiful architecture. We came here one day for watercolor class to paint some of the many arches and doorways that you can peer through into royal courtyards.

New Carlsberg Glyptotek

Best for last! Even now that it’s getting cold out, I can always spend the day wandering around the endless rooms of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian sculptures (and MUCH more) at the Glyptotek or have a coffee under the domed roof of the palm house. I have gotten to know some of the statues and busts, with their missing arms and noses, quite well by now, and I love hanging out with them and practicing my figure drawing. The building itself is gorgeous and houses so many beautiful pieces, including The Kiss. You can even take one of their little foldable chairs with you around the museum to sketch. And it’s also free on Tuesdays!

I definitely have more places to go and explore, paintbrush in hand, before the end of the semester, but I wanted to share these great places to visit in Cope whether or not you like to paint. To see more of my watercolors and sketches, go here!

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