Quick weekend trip to Italy? Yes please! Not sure when I’m going to ever be able to say that again, so I bought some cheap RyanAir tickets, packed my carry on, and set out in search of gluten free pizza. And we found some! And tiramisu. And LOTS of gelato.

The aforementioned, super delicious, gluten free pizza

Nothing goes with INCREDIBLE gluten free pizza (at BeBop) like a lot of stairs, so we went to climb the Duomo. The inside of the cathedral and the view from the top were almost as good as the gelato we had afterwards at GROM, pictured below.

Pistachio and dark chocolate
Duomo Selfieee

To regain our strength, we had to grab a cappuccino at the famous Marchesi 1824, and it truly was legendary. Highly recommend this Milan institution for some fantastic coffee and a slice of panettone, a sweet Italian cake served around Christmas time flavored with citrus and dried fruit. They even had one made with rice flour!

Marchesi 1824

After caffing up, we headed to the Galleria, where you can find lots of luxury shopping and restaurants under the beautiful glass dome ceiling, to spin three times on the the tile bull in the floor for good luck!

Next up: more gelato, of course! I’ve never travelled this far for dessert before, but I would do it again in a heartbeat for this cinnamon flavor. Avgvsto Premiata Gelateria has a sign outside that says “best gelato in Milan”, and I believe it.


Definitely worth the trip just for this! In between gelato and coffee, we also had so much fun exploring Milan’s beautiful streets, seeing all of the amazing architecture and art at the Sforza Castle. A pretty cool way to spend the weekend!

Until next time! I’ll be thinking about gelato 🙂

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